Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix: Overview: Everything You Need to Know About This Amazing Cross

It isn’t easy to imagine two canine breeds, unlike the German Shepherd and the Chihuahua. One is the quintessential worker dog, known for being clever, loyal, and diligent. The other is recognized for their petite stature, huge round eyes, and celebrity companion.

So, what happens if you blend the two?

You can’t honestly tell what will happen. Some German Shepherd Chihuahua mixes will have the German Shepherd’s assertive nature and protecting instincts. Others will be feisty and have the prominent personalities of Chihuahuas. A male Chihuahua is usually mixed with a female German Shepherd.

Still, wondering if this relatively new mixed breed is right for you? Continue reading to find out!

Height:7-26 inches
Weight:8-60 pounds
Lifespan:10-14 years
Colors:Black, brown/black
Temperament:Alert, clever, devoted, active, and possibly aggressive
Coat:The mix will have short hair, similar to the coat length of a Chihuahua, but the colors will be brown and black, identical to a GSD.
Family Friendly?Yes, they have the potential to be terrific family dogs who get along with children and other pets, but they will still require basic training and socialization.
Training & Exercise:Because of the GSD’s DNA, this combination will be relatively athletic – they’ll require a lot of exercises. Every day, aim for one hour of physical activity.
Price:Difficult to determine, but likely on the pricey side considering the high cost of each parent breed.

Where did the German Shepherd-Chihuahua cross originate?

  • The German Shepherd Chihuahua hybrid is a new breed with an unknown inception date. Its name is derived from the parent breeds, German Shepherds and Chihuahuas. The contemporary German Shepherd breed may be traced to a single German dog named Horand von Grafrath.
  • In 1899, this dog became the first to be added to the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society for the German Shepherd Dog) breed registration.
  • Following repeated failed attempts in Germany to standardize Shepherd breeds.
  • Horand was then selectively mated with three different dogs, the children of which were inbred to retain desirable and essential breed features.
  • Compared to the German Shepherd’s well-documented history, the Chihuahua breed’s history is sketchy at best.

Is the AKC cognizant of it?

The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). This is frequent in mixed breeds, particularly those of recent origin.

How Much Do German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Puppies Cost?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are no breeders that purposefully breed German Shepherds with Chihuahuas. These canines are more likely to be found at a shelter, rescue, or adoption organization.

But it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be loved and cared for in the same way that breeder dogs are. Indeed, a shelter rescue dog may be more loving and devoted than any bred or designer dog. Most rescued dogs understand what is going on when you bring them home. They can feel your affection and are quite thankful.

What size will my German Shepherd Chihuahua grow to be?

  • These canines are usually tiny to medium in size. A Chihuahua/German Shepherd mix can weigh 8-60 pounds and reach 7-45 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Males, like most dogs, will be bigger than females. These pups, like their Chihuahua parents, may make excellent apartment dogs, but make sure they get lots of exercise.

Food and Diet Considerations

  • Your dog’s food and nutrition requirements will be determined by size and activity level. Because these mixed breeds can range in size from little to medium, you must feed them properly.
  • A tiny dog should eat around 1-112 cups of high-quality food daily, such as Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Bites. This will offer them the nourishment they require in a manageable bite-sized quantity. Larger dogs will need 2-3 cups of food each day.

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix Temperament and Intelligence

  • However, because of the unpredictable genetics of mixed breeds, the temperament of a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix can vary greatly.
  • A German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix may be a devoted, attentive, and clever family companion at its finest.
  • At worst, this dog may defend its area by barking at and attacking anybody or anything in its vicinity.
  • It can be particularly untrusting to strangers and is not recommended for youngsters.
  • The degree of aggressiveness a dog possesses is determined by the qualities it inherits.
  • Some breeds have more extraordinary levels of hostility toward humans and dogs (e.g., Chihuahuas and Dachshunds).


  • Every dog needs regular exercise. But, how much is too much? This will be decided by the size and personality of your specific dog. A more miniature German Shepherd Chihuahua puppy will often require less activity. Thirty minutes of exercise every day should be more than plenty.
  • This medium-to-high energy crossbreed requires regular exercise. At least 30 minutes of movement each day is good, although these pups don’t mind extended walks.
  • These canine companions like going on walks, hiking and playing with their owners.
  • However, if your cross is of greater size, it may take up to 90 minutes daily. This is due to the German Shepherd’s high level of activity. And if your puppy inherited this trait, you’ll need to make time to keep them stimulated.

Grooming and pampering

  • Whatever way you look at it, you’ll need to devote some significant effort to grooming your German Shepherd Chihuahua. Although Chihuahuas can be short-haired, their long-hair gene, when mixed with German Shepherd genes, results in a long coat.
  • Brushing your German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix at least once a week can help maintain their coat bright and healthy. A weekly brushing will also significantly reduce the quantity of shedding that occurs.


  • The German Shepherd Chihuahua mix demands a lot of activity regardless of size. These dogs like being involved in activities with their owners, especially treks and lengthy walks.
  • As a result, aim for a couple of medium-length walks every day. Schedule some outdoor fun if feasible. A large fenced-in yard would be excellent for getting them the required exercise.
  • However, don’t stop there! This combination does not perform well when left alone for extended periods of time. When left unattended for an extended period of time, detrimental tendencies might emerge.
  • They want to be as close to their human counterparts as possible.

Do You Have Any Plans to Train Them?

  • If German Shepherd Chihuahua mixes are not properly socialized as puppies, they might become aggressive.
  • Chihuahuas and German Shepherds are both known to be apprehensive of strangers if they are not exposed to diverse people, animals, and situations while they are puppies.
  • This bright hybrid must also be extensively trained in obedience. Because this breed is notorious for being obstinate, they require extensive training to teach them how to follow the rules.
  • Training is also beneficial since it cognitively challenges them, which keeps them from growing bored.

Medical Conditions

  • As a hybrid dog, the German Shepherd Chihuahua is theoretically vulnerable to most illnesses and ailments that the parent breeds may develop. However, because of genetic wizardry, the likelihood of developing these is significantly reduced. As a result, the German Shepherd Chihuahua is a relatively healthy dog.
  • Heartworms, fleas, and other parasites are among the most prevalent disorders your mixed breed may suffer from. Furthermore, your German Shepherd Chihuahua may be obese. They’ll be OK if you monitor their nutrition and activity.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix

  • As previously established, mixed breed dogs can acquire any of their parents’ genes in any sequence.
  • This means that children may inherit their parents’ best and worst features.
  • German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix dogs can be aggressive.
  • They are known to defend territory fiercely and can be violent if not properly schooled or socialized.
  • They may, however, be intelligent, loyal, and self-sufficient creatures with the foresight to serve when called upon.

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