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Indian Pariah Dog: History, Training & Care

So you’re all set to greet the joyous bundle of joy that is a puppy!

Now comes the tricky part: are you prepared to have a dog? And which dog is ideal for an Indian household?

The Indian Pariah Canine is the most primitive dog breed from the Indian subcontinent, with a history dating back over 15,000 years.

The Indian Pariah Dog puppy is a naturally formed breed that is excellent for tropical conditions. It is exceptionally alert and gregarious. More information about this dog breed may be found here.

Official Breed Standards for the Indian Pariah Dog

The Indian Pariah dog is a medium-sized breed with a sturdy, rectangular build. These canines have a lot of endurance and stamina, and they can survive in practically any type of habitat.

The Following are the Indi-Official Dog’s Standards:

Origin: India
SizeMedium in size
Indian pariah dog lifespan:Over 14 years of life expectancy
Popularity:No major kennel club recognizes it.
Indian pariah dog price in India:4,000 to 7,000 INR
Availability in India:Very Easy to Get
Guide Dog:No.
Dog Breed Group:Hound Group

Why Would We Recommend an Indian Pariah over a Foreign Dog Breed?

An Indian pariah dog is a perfect dog breed for an Indian household. Almost equally referred to as a desi, mixed breed, mongrel, or indie dog. The Indian Pariah dogs meet all of the criteria to be an excellent choice for any dog owner in India. These dogs are widely accessible, inexpensive, low-maintenance, and have a good tolerance for extreme heat.

Desi Dog, Desi Kutta, Indian Feral Canine, Indian Pariah Dog, Indian Pye Dog, Street dog breed, and South Asian Pariah Dog are various names for this native dog breed.

This breed would be an excellent choice for any dog owner, whether experienced or inexperienced, and anybody would be thrilled to raise such a wonderful and trustworthy dog.

Indian Street Dog

The Grooming Requirements of Indian Pariah Dogs are Modest.

  • When it comes to grooming and vet appointments, indie dogs are low-maintenance. The majority of them have a short coat that allows them to survive in India’s tropical environment.
  • Short coats require infrequent brushing, nail clipping may be done on an irregular basis, and bathing requirements are minimal because they tend to stay clean and neat.

Indian Street Dogs (also known as “Indian pariah dogs”) are Vigilant and Gregarious.

  • They’re one of India’s most flexible and adaptable dog breeds, being both clever and kind. Desi dogs are devoted, affectionate, and streetwise. Because of their versatility, kindness toward loved ones, and strong protective instincts, these dogs make fantastic home companions.
  • They are excellent watchdogs and can immediately alarm their owners if intruders are around.
Indian Dog

Pariah Dogs Are Intuitive and Simple to Train

  • Pariah Dogs are simple to train since they are intelligent enough to pick up on cues and orders and like pleasing their masters. They may make wonderful pets if they are socialized and trained early on.
  • They may be forceful and active, and they have a pack leader attitude.
  • The Indian pariah dog turned out to be the dog squad’s best performer!

Desi Dogs Have a Remarkable Level of Immunity

  • The Indian Pariah dogs are incredibly healthy dogs who stay that way for the bulk of their lives.
  • Because they have evolved many generations to suit subcontinent circumstances, Indian pariah dogs are the least vulnerable to the illnesses that plague the lineage.
Pariah Dog

Pariah Dogs in India are Wonderful Companions

  • Human friendship has a long history with Pariah dogs. Their loyal and dedicated personality is described in ancient legends.
  • Many people get confused and use the term “pariah” to describe all stray or wild dogs, although the pariah dog is not the same as stray dogs.

They are Self-sufficient and Accustomed to City Life.

Although these dogs have a reputation for being village or country dogs, they adapt well to apartment living if given enough regular exercise. In recent years, they’ve become popular as a superb home pet for city residents.

In terms of Appearance, They are One-of-A-Kind.

When exercised, they are a stocky and short breed that is robust and muscular. Their muzzles are sharp, and their heads are wedge-shaped. They have a unique look with their almond-shaped eyes, which are dark brown and sometimes turn gold.

Having a Pariah Dog as a Pet

Exercise these dogs are very active and athletic, and they need a lot of it to be healthy and happy. They like going on long runs and walks with their owners, playing numerous games with their loved ones, and being involved in any work that requires them to expend energy.

Providing Nourishment

The Indian Pariah dog puppy isn’t a particularly picky eater. They thrive on a well-balanced, nutritious home-cooked dinner. They can be fed commercially produced food if it appeals to their taste buds and benefits their health.

Pariahs are excellent pets and are becoming increasingly popular among India’s burgeoning middle classes, as well as across the world. Unfortunately, these pups are sometimes overlooked simply because they are familiar and resemble many stray dogs. Our love, care, and attention are owed to these loyal, alert, and clever canines.

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