Expecting some new cute members to join the Family?

A typical dog’s gestation period is around 63 days after conception, however, this might vary by a few days. Though it seems simple on paper, conception determination is quite tricky.

Female dogs in good health go into heat, or estrus, twice a year. Female canines prepare themselves for the hardships of child-raising every six to eight months throughout their lifetimes.

The first heat occurs between the ages of 6 and 18 months, with bigger breeds commencing later, and dogs can get pregnant during their first heat.

How to Detect Pregnancy of Your Dog?

Veterinarians can use one of four procedures to detect if a dog is pregnant:

The first cycle of diestrus is 56-58 days. while the first spike in progesterone is 64-66 days. 58-72 days after the bitch first permitted breeding

How to take care of your pet during Pregnancy?

Nutritional requirements during the dog’s gestation period

While mom is cleaning and nursing her puppies, your primary responsibility is to look after her. Provide her with enough high-quality, nutritious food as well as plenty of fresh, conveniently available water since both are necessary for adequate milk production.