How often Should You Bathe Your  Dog?  

Have you ever wondered how frequently you should wash your dog? Is the smell test accurate, or is there a more precise method?

Even the cleanest dog will stink after a while, and even the most gleaming coats can get dull and overgrown with time. Unfortunately, there are virtually as many coat types as there are dog breeds...

Regular bathing is vital because it eliminates the buildup of dirt and debris on a dog’s skin and prevents potential skin disorders such as blocked pores, itching, dry skin, or greasy skin.

These short-haired breeds shed regularly, which helps to eliminate dirt and grease naturally. So, unless your teeny-tiny puppy gets into the trash, you can probably put off the bath for a bit.

The cleaning process might dry up dogs’ skin with some types of skin illness and should be avoided...

Long-coated breeds like the Maltese and Collie are on the other end of the range. “The more hair a dog has, the more work it takes, which includes frequent shampooing.”

To avoid suds irritating your dog’s eyes, use a dog-specific shampoo. To avoid skin irritations and dryness, we recommend using hypoallergenic and all-natural shampoo...

This is an easy step to ignore. Prepare your dog for bath time by combining them thoroughly to remove knots and extra hair.

Lukewarm-to-slightly warm water is ideal. Never use scalding hot water as it can burn your dog’s skin.

Follow the shampoo bottle’s recommendations, then gently lather the soap in a circular motion, paying special attention to their paws and other dirt-prone areas. Begin with their feet and progress to their face last.