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Why is Blue French BullDog So Famous? A Detailed Insight

Do you want a dog who is always willing to snuggle on the couch? Are you looking for a furry roommate for your city apartment? The Blue French Bulldog is the dog for you.

If you’ve ever strolled around a large city, you’ve probably seen this dog. Many city people chose this affectionate canine as their pet because of its small size and minimal activity requirements.

Color and Peculiar Look:

The Blue Frenchie has a gorgeous blue coat with a lustrous sheen. While blue-furred canines are common in certain breeds, the Blue French Bulldog is quite uncommon.

This Bulldog exudes the aura of being absolutely one-of-a-kind and unusual. On their own, Frenchies are aristocratic pets, but a blue Frenchie expects to get spoiled.

Blue French Bulldog is a color variety originated from French Bulldog, sometimes also referred to as a Frenchie. The silky bluish-gray coat distinguishes them. They’re cute pets, developed to be a great companion and versatile home pets or apartment inhabitant.

They have a stocky frame yet are tiny, with loose skin and a broad-headed face with prominent ears. There are solid color variations as well as some with patterns having some white.

Blue French Bulldog Origin and History:

The English Bulldog is the forerunner of the French Bulldog. They were originally English Bulldogs developed to be smaller and more travel-friendly.

In the nineteenth century, English lacemakers were particularly fond of these little Bulldogs. When they traveled to France to market their wares, they would bring their small lap dogs with them. The pups were quickly adopted by city dwellers in France, and they became the favorite pets of the Parisian elite class.

In terms of fashion and social norms, France has always been seen as a trendsetter. The popularity of the French Bulldog grew swiftly in France, and they immediately became a part of the fashionable culture. They quickly gained popularity as a fashion symbol to have, and their popularity expanded across the rest of Europe.

Their popularity skyrocketed in France, resulting in the nickname “French Bulldogs.”

The small canines enchanted wealthy Americans visiting Paris, and they wanted some for themselves. These dogs were among the first breeds to arrive in America as a result of their popularity.

The breed is still associated with the wealthy and renowned. They’re a popular celebrity pet and a regular sight in affluent metropolitan neighborhoods. They are now set to surpass the Labrador as one of the most desirable dogs in the United Kingdom.

Frenchies have been among the top six most desirable dogs in the United States for the past decade. Because of their popularity, there have been some unlawful puppy mill activities, making it critical to check out their breeders.

Physical Appearance:

Height:28 – 30 cm
Weight:7.5 – 13 kg
Lifespan:9-15 years
Colors:Bluish-white, Bluish-gray
Suitable living environment:Apartment living, urban lifestyle
Temperament:Quick learner, loving, cuddly, Disciplined


When they can make you happy, Frenchies are generally the happiest. They aren’t renowned for being the sharpest dogs on the street, but if you want them to, they will strive harder. Their snobbish attitude and funny actions will have you laughing out loud.

This dog’s calm demeanor and kind personality make him one of the greatest family pets. These sweet pups will get along with everyone in the household, and they will become quite devoted to their new best buddies.

This dog may be a little spoiled and entitled at times. They frequently complain about the food or feel cheated when they do not receive what they want. Low-energy games are preferable, although they will still enjoy a game of fetch now and again. If you live in a city, this dog will be quite content to play inside.

Metal Health:

The time you don’t spend exercising your dog is to be necessarily replaced with time spent connecting with them. If left alone for an extended period of time, they may develop separation anxiety symptoms.

It may lead to some self-destructive conduct. Because they are prone to separation anxiety, because of their clingy behavior.

This is a clever, affectionate dog who desires and requires a lot of time with his family. The French Bulldog is a fun-loving freethinker who responds well to training when done in a positive manner, with lots of food rewards, praise and play.

Important Things For Blue French Bulldog Parents to know:


This breed is so enjoyable to own and care for, that almost anybody can do it. They don’t require a lot of upkeep or exercise, so even someone who isn’t particularly active can handle one. They are excellent emotional support dogs since they are very loving.

Owners should always make sure to leash and harnessed their pet while being outside of the house since they don’t always recognize who is a buddy and who isn’t.

Most importantly, this dog enjoys chewing on things, so have plenty of chew toys on hand and plans to replace them frequently.


French Bulldogs don’t require much exercise. Although there are exceptions to any rule, they have a relatively low energy level. They do, however, require regular activity in the form of short walks or time spent playing in the yard to maintain their weight.

Heat exhaustion is a risk for this breed, thus parents must avoid exercise in hot weather. Hence, walks and physical play activities’ preferable timings are cool mornings and evenings.

  • The average number of walks per day should be – 1-2 (total of 1.2 km per day )
  • The total duration of exercise each day: 30 minutes or less
  • Total Daily Activity: 40 Minutes or less
  • Daily Activity Level: 4/10
  • Favorite Pastime: Chewing Toys


It will take a lot of patience to train this royal puppy. There will be occasions when they are stubborn and rude, but this is typically controllable.

As with any dog, training and socializing should begin as soon as the puppy is eight weeks old.
Any dominance-based training strategy can only result in scary behavior in a Blue French Bulldog, thus positive reinforcement is the greatest dog training method for them.

Food incorporation as a kind of positive reinforcement is best found. Blue Frenchies are food-motivated dogs, so discovering what their favorite treat is will help them look forward to training sessions and acquire good manners.

Just remember to watch your portions and provide them with low-calorie goodies throughout the more basic command training sessions.

Even if you plan to give pets full freedom to roam anywhere in the house, crate training is essential. Puppy dogs, regardless of breed, investigate, get into places they shouldn’t, and chew on items that are harmful to them.


Unfortunately, this breed is prone to acquiring a lot of weight, so you’ll have to keep an eye on their food consumption.

  • This little dog only requires roughly 800 calories each day.
  • Dry kibble created exclusively for tiny and toy breeds is ideal for Frenchies.
  • Feed one cup of dry food in the morning and one cup in the afternoon to your dog. One cup of kibble alternative is raw meat slices.

Because the Blue French Bulldog is a muscular breed, it needs to follow a diet low in carbohydrates and fats.


A French Bulldog can suffer from a variety of health problems, and Blue Frenchies can suffer from even more. Keep a tight check on them as they get older and make sure they go to the vet on a regular basis, possibly more frequently than the norm.

Minor conditions faced:Major conditions faced:
Cherry eyeSpine malformations such as hemivertebrae
DistichiasisColor dilution alopecia
CataractsAllergies, Skin allergies
Pulmonic stenosisBrachycephalic syndrome
Retinal dysplasiaRespiratory issues
Atopic dermatitisIntervertebral disc degeneration
HypothyroidismHip dysplasia
Ear infections
Skinfold dermatitis

Buying Guide For Blue French Bulldogs:

The French Bulldog is a pricey breed, and its premium hue will be far more expensive than other colors.

Blue Frenchies are frequently the victims of malpractices such as unethical breeding because of their popularity, so take the time to select a respectable breeder.

This dog’s personality trait is of getting spoiled, so set aside bucks for a few creature pleasures. A kennel and a dog bed are mandatory for every Frenchie to be happy.

Veterinary expenditures for dogs can be rather high as they have always been in an elite class and have lost their immunity to several infections, as a result of staying in a clean environment and good food. As soon as you have your puppy, make sure you get enough insurance.

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